ABS DuraPro silver

Speed: 40-60 mm/s Printing Temperature: 210-240 °C Print Bed Temperature : 100-110 °C RAL Color: RAL9006 silver DuraPro ABS

Diameter Weight Price Amount
1,75 mm
EAN: 9010241082087
0,75 kg €24.98
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2,85 mm
EAN: 9010241092086
0,75 kg €24.98
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1,75 mm
EAN: 9010241084081
2 kg €59.99
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Total 0,00 

Material Properties

DuraPro ABS

The new DuraPro ABS was specially developed for industrial applications and is characterised by its high process reliability. It is perfectly suited for the production of mechanically highly stressed components. The material is fire retardant according to UL94 HB and is electrically insulating. The use in high-voltage applications is not a problem. DuraPro ABS has been optimised for the FFF/FDM process, so the material has good layer adhesion, thermal stability, improved flow properties and low warping.


  • For industrial use
  • Flame retardant according to UL 94 HB
  • Electrically insulating
  • High mechanical strength
  • Low shrinking and warping
  • Excellent layer and bed adhesion
  • Made in Austria
Product properties


Product Information

Maximum stress

DuraPro ABS has very good mechanical properties and is widely used for industrial applications.

Elongation at Break

DuraPro ABS is characterized by flexibility combined with high rigidity and mechanical resilience.

Temperature Resistance

DuraPro ABS is temperature-resistant up to 90 °C.

Ease of printing

The material is suitable for advanced users, particularly in the industrial sector, as the production of bigger objects requires a closed assembly space.

Visual Quality

In optimizing the flow properties of ABS for FDM processes, the visible layers of the material are minimized. Additionally, the layers can be burnished with acetone, which makes the surface look as if it has been injection molded.

Layer Adhesion

DuraPro ABS is a reliable material with good layer adhesion.

Impact Resistance

DuraPro ABS has outstanding impact resistance.