PLA NX2 yellow

Speed: 40-60 mm/s Printing Temperature: 200-230 °C Print Bed Temperature : 20-60 °C RAL Color: RAL1023 yellow PLA NX2

Diameter Weight Price Amount
1,75 mm
EAN: 9010241043163
1 kg €25.99
- +
2,85 mm
EAN: 9010241053162
1 kg €25.99
1,75 mm
EAN: 9010241044160
2,5 kg €59.99
2,85 mm
EAN: 9010241054169
2,5 kg €59.99
1,75 mm
EAN: 9010241045167
10 kg €239.99
2,85 mm
EAN: 9010241055166
10 kg €239.99
Total 0,00 

Material Properties


PLA NX2 is a new generation of PLA with improved mechanical properties in comparison to normal PLA. The optimized surface ensures detailed printing quality. PLA NX2 allows for a higher printing speed than regular PLA.  


  • Good tensile strength
  • UV-resistant
  • FDA, RoHS and Safety of Toys approved
Product properties

Product Information

Maximum Stress

PLA NX2 combines the good mechanical properties of PLA with higher flexibility.

Elongation at Break

PLA NX2 has better tensile stretch properties than regular PLA.

Temperature Resistance

PLA NX2 is temperature-resistant up to 60-70 °C.

Ease of Printing

The material is easy to process and therefore suitable for beginners.

Visual Quality

The material has a high quality, matte surface with visibly reduced layers. This makes PLA NX2 particularly suitable for detailed prints.

Layer Adhesion

PLA NX2 has excellent layer and print bed adhesion.

Impact Resistance

PLA NX2 is more flexible than regular PLA, which means that it is better at withstanding impact.