BioFusion gold

Speed: 20-40 mm/s Printing Temperature: 210-220 °C Print Bed Temperature : 20-60 °C RAL Color: RAL871C Gold - 31-90354 BioFusion

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Material Properties


Extrudr BioFusion is a new generation of special bio-based materials designed for designers and makers. The filament is very easy to work with, resulting in exceptional results even with little experience. The printed parts have an intense, metallic shine. BioFusion has a temperature resistance of up to 75 ° C.


  • Super shiny look
  • Temperature resistance up to 75°C
  • Easy processability
  • Very low warping
  • FDA-compliant (see data sheet)
Product properties

Product Information

Maximum stress

BioFusion has very high mechanical resilience.

Elongation at break

BioFusion combines high flexibility and good rigidity.

High temperature resistant

BioFusion is temperature-resistant up to 75°C, which means that it can be used in the highclass productions.

Ease of printing

BioFusion is easy to work with and is therefore suitable for every user.

Visual Quality

The material has a unique metallic look and intense colors.

Layer adhesion

At sufficient heat and low cooling, the layer adhesion of PETG is excellent.

Impact resistant

The material is very good at withstanding impact.