Threaded inserts for perfect connections of 3D printed parts

3D printing is excellent for functional integration and integral construction. Nevertheless, it is occasionally necessary to connect different components with each other. These can be glued, welded or screwed. Depending on the method, the low load capacity, the necessary accessibility for inserts or non-detachable connections are disadvantages that can occur.

These challenges in creating reliable connections can be easily avoided with CNC Kitchen's heat set threaded inserts. These are melted into the 3D printed part with a soldering iron adapter and thus establishes a form-fit with the part. The advantage: CNC Kitchen threaded inserts allow a high tightening torque and provide a high pull out strength. In addition, a long service life of the connection is guaranteed. If necessary, the connections can also be loosened again, so that wear parts can be easily replaced and sustainability is improved over the product life cycle.

To ensure that Extrudr customers also benefit from the perfect connections for their 3D printed parts, the CNC Kitchen threaded inserts including matching soldering iron adapters are now available in our online shop. A total of seven different sizes with different diameters and lengths are available. In addition, the thread inserts are available in sets of three, standard and short, each containing three different sizes. The designation of the sets refers to the length of the threaded inserts.

We are proud to present this cooperation with Stefan (from CNC Kitchen), who is appreciated by many makers and developers due to his many years of experience and technical content. In his YouTube channel, he presents and discusses his experiments and projects. Stefan has also extensively tested the advantages of threaded inserts and documented them in his videos.

Creating connections can be so simple after all.


Now available in our onlineshop